Best Holiday Wishes

I wish to pass my best wishes to all who will read my life history on this excellent website created by my trusted Webmaster in Brazil.
I hope all have a wonderful holiday season for all races on our wonderful planet earth.
We have a rare place to live in the massive universe.
We must care for it because it is a cosmic life form as is our wonderful Sun.
May whatever God you pray to protect you and give you eternal happiness with your families.
Clark C. McClelland, ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida 1958 to 1992.


About clarkcmcclelland

Aerospace Engineer, and ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet.
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4 Responses to Best Holiday Wishes

  1. Love your new site Kudos to all the astronauts and Marcus

  2. Hermes Rivera says:

    Nice looking site. Looks great. Very professional. I like it!

  3. JEFF SAVAGE says:


  4. Robert Schmidt says:

    A culmination of treasured years with the space program and affiliation with notable space science individuals and astronauts is well represented by your website. Well done my cosmic friend. My that personal Force be with you!

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