People I have met

…, have spoken with and some I have had long discussions with or interviewed that have made important strides in earth history. Those I have associated with and launched into space during my life in the US Space Program, Space Science, Astronomy, Archaeology, UFOlogy and the US Navy, ONI, at Cape Canaveral and the
Kennedy Space Center, Florida and elsewhere, 1958 to 1992.

List as of February 06, 2011 (Added new Cosmonaut names)

Clark C. McClelland, GTA, ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet,
Kennedy Space Center, Florida 1958 to 1992

To My Beloved Parents

In HONOR of my beloved, wonderful parents and our Universal “God” (F&AM the Great Cosmic Geometrics) from whom with my beloved parents, I was provided all these opportunities I am exceptionally PROUD of this list. I and my family have been a participant in earth and space history. Few families have had such an opportunity advancing the human race.

Clyde Clark McClelland, 1914 – 2001 (†88). My father, US Space Program Pioneer, 1957-1970, WW-II hero at the Battle of the Bulge. He liberated Russians, Gypsies, Italians, Hungarians, Jews, etc., from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp with General George S. Patton, US Third Army, 15 April 1945. Earlier received injuries crossing the Remagen Bridge and, later, was found 100 % disabled, yet, he became a pioneer at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, 1957.

Elizabeth Helen McClelland, 1916 – 2006 (†90 1/2). My mother and Saintly Angel on earth for 72 years of my life. “Betty” was (will always be) the Heart and Anchor of our family. She constructed aeronautical parts for the P-40 Tomahawk fighter plane used by AVG (American Volunteer Group) Flying Tigers (General Clair Chennault) over China fighting Japan prior to WW II. She supported our six family members who were pioneers in the USA Space Program, etc. I will FOREVER LOVE my MOTHER and FATHER!

My special love, respect and thanks to my fiancee, VCR.

Astronomers, Scientists, Famous UFO Associates at Cape Canaveral & KSC, etc.

  • Dr. Nicholas E. Wagman, Director, Allegheny Observatory (my beloved and highly respected mentor)
  • Theodora “Teddy” Lauderbach, She was an Astronomer, US Army General Officer, my dear, dear friend.
  • Dr. Fred Whipple, famed astronomer.
  • Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, creator of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombs, Japan, August 1945
  • Dr. Edward Teller, creator of the Hydrogen Bomb, belief in races among the stars, Pro UFOs, etc. Sent Clark McClelland an autographed photo prior to his death.
  • Dr. Freeman Dyson, Project Orion Nuclear Spaceship to Saturn and Jupiter, 1959!
  • Dr. James E. McDonald, Phycisist, Pro UFOs, famed supporter of NICAP, said to have, “Committed” suicide?
  • Dr. Hal Putoff, Creator of Remote Viewing (ESP) Project, CIA & DIA for a decade! Belief in ET life!
  • Thomas Townsend Brown, USN, 1956 founder of NICAP (Pro Aliens & UFO’s), help found RAND Corp,
  • Electrogravitics Capacitance Effect, study of ball lightening, Anti-Gravity flight, etc.
  • Father/Dr,Christopher J. Corbally, S.J., Astronomer, Director, The Vatican Observatory, Tucson, Arizona
  • Dr. Howard Percy Robertson, Mathematician, created the Robertson Panel (study of UFOs), for the CIA.
  • Frederick Clark Durant III, Advisor, Robertson Scientific Advisory Committee on UFOs, Pentagon / NASA.
  • Dr. Thornton Page, Advisor, Robertson Scientific Advisory Committee on UFOs, Pentagon / NASA.
  • Lloyd V. Berkner, Advisor, Robertson Scientific Advisory Committee on UFOs, Pentagon / NASA. MJ-12
  • Dr. Samuel A. Goudsmit, Advisor, Robertson Scientific Advisory Committee on UFOs, Pentagon / NASA.
  • Dr. Edward U. Condon, Director, The Colorado Project, UFO Investigation designed to disprove of UFOs.
  • Dr. Vannevar Bush, Chairman of the President’s National Defense Research Committee, Manhattan
  • Project (Atomic Bomb), created National Science Foundation, said to be a MJ-12 member.
  • Dr. Detlev W. Bronk, President, National Academy of Science, Space Science Board for human space, flight and said to be a MJ-12 member.
  • Dr. Donald A. Menzel, debunked UFOs, aliens, but, believed they existed. Said to be a MJ-12 member.
  • Dr. Jerome C. Hunsaker, USN, Aeronautical Pioneer, said to be a MJ-12 member.
  • Dr. J. Allen Hynek, astronomer / UFOlogist discussed UFOs with Clark at KSC. Aware of MJ-12 members
  • Dr. Luis Alvarez, Nuclear Physicist, research in He-3, Robertson Panel member. Was observer of the
  • Hiroshima Atomic Bomb, with General Paul Tibbets. Was very Pro-UFOs! Perhaps MJ-12 member
  • Dee O’Hara, Astronaut pre-flight physical exam nurse for Project Mercury missions, etc.
  • Clarence “Kelly” Johnson, genius Lockheed “Skunk Works” aircraft designer of the U-2, SR-71, etc.
  • Benjamin (Ben) R. Rich, “Chief Skunk”, Lockheed Director of the “Skunk Works”. Built U-2, SR-71, F-117,
  • F-22 (belief and knowledge of ET’s)
  • Dr. James A. Van Allen, discoverer of the Van Allen Radiation Belt circling earth, Explorer 1 satellite.
  • Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, Astronomer, Discovered planet Pluto, Optical Scientist, White Sands Missile Range (belief in ET’s)
  • Dr. Eugene M. Shoemaker, Apollo Lunar Geologist, he and wife, Carolyn co-discoverer of the comet, Shoemaker-Levy-9, that collided with Jupiter, 1994.
  • Dr. Gerard K. O’Neill, NASA Scientist Astronaut Candidate, Designer of The O’Neill Cylinder Space Habitat.
  • Dr. Randolph Lovelace II, NASA Director Space Medicine, Astronaut acceptance, “Right Stuff” Mercury, (may have had a belief in ET’s), Died in an air crash with wife and others. A great loss for NASA.
  • Dr. Robert C. Seamans, NASA Associate Director.
  • Dr. Robert Gilruth, Initial Director of the Manned Spacecraft Center, Gemini, Apollo, etc., Houston, TX
  • Christopher C. Kraft, First Flight Director, NASA, second Director, Manned Space Flight Center.
  • Dr. James R. Killian, MIT President, helped establish NASA, PASC, 1957-59.
  • James E. Webb, NASA Administrator, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, etc.
  • Dr. Maxime Faget, Designer of the Mercury Capsule, Director, NASA Manned Spacecraft Center
  • Dr. Hugh Dryden, NASA Deputy Administrator
  • Dr. T. Keith Glennan, The first NASA Administrator
  • Rocco Petrone, Director of Construction, KSC Apollo launch pads 39-A and B, VAB, etc.
  • Walter J. Kapryan, NASA Director of Launch Operations, Apollo Program.
  • Paul Donnelly, NASA Test Conductor and Manager, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz, etc.
  • Dr. D. Brainerd Holmes, NASA Director, Manned Space Flight.
  • Dr. William K. Douglas, Astronaut Flight Surgeon, who bumped Deke Slayton from his Mercury flight.
  • Dr. Charles A. Berry, Astronaut Flight Surgeon, Mercury missions.
  • Dr. Stanley White, NASA Director, Life Sciences, chose Mercury Seven Astronauts, “The Right Stuff”
  • George (Wilhelm) M. Lowe, NASA Deputy Administrator.
  • Harry J. Goett, First Director of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • Francis M. Rogallo, inventor of the Rogallo Wing for the USAF Dyna Soar Project
  • H. Kurt Strass, Director, Space Task Group, Gemini MOL, etc.
  • Dr. William H. Pickering, Director JPL, Explorer 1, etc.
  • Dr. Jonas Salk, a gift of God miracle worker with the Salk Polio Vaccine, University of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Maurice Chatelain, NASA Apollo Director of Communications, Believer in UFOs and alien visits to earth.
  • Leonard H. Stringfield, expert on UFO/Alien Crash Retrievals, Clark worked on some cases with him.
  • Ivan T. Sanderson, Former UK counter spy, science writer, UFOlogy expert, etc.
  • Earl J. Neff, Artist, UFOlogy expert C.U.P., and my friend.
  • Edwin Link, Link astronaut flight simulator training device.
  • Mrs. Dr. Robert H. Goddard, wife of her famed husband, Rocket Pioneer at my Clark University lecture.
  • Dr. Victor H. Regener, New Mexico U., Physics and Astronomy.
  • Dr. Robert Spencer Carr, Aztec UFO crash knowledge and alien bodies expert, 1948, etc.
  • Dr. Charles A. Maney, Defiance College, NICAP Board of Advisers Member, UFOs.
  • Albert M.Chop, Cape Canaveral / NASA Gemini-4 PIO. USAF UFO investigator, Washington DC 1952
  • Max Flindt, author, Mankind-Child of the Stars, Assistant to Nobel Prize scientist Dr. Glenn Seaborg
  • Clarence Parker, NASA, KSC, he and another “KSC person” sent to Kecksburg, PA 12- 09 -1965
  • Robert (Bob) Lazar, worked at Area 51 and S-4 area. Talked with Clark, his home, seeing ETs., 3 hours.
  • Frederick C. Durant, President, International Aeronautical Foundation, on Robertson Panel of UFOs.
  • Mitchell Sharpe, book author, The Rocket Team, friend of many German Scientists
  • Frederick Ordway, book author, The Rocket Team,” ” ” ” “
  • Al Bielek, claims association with the U.S. Navy Philadelphia Experiment (UFO believer).
  • Dr. Lionel Dahmer, Analytical Chemist, PPG Chemical Labs, Monroeville, PA (His son, was Jeffrey Dahmer)
  • Travis Walton, UFO abductee, had a KDKA radio interview with Clark.

US Military Officers at Cape Canaveral, KSC, Huntsville, etc.

  • USMC Major Donald E. Keyhoe, International Director, NICAP, Washington DC.
  • Anthony J. Downey, USN Chief Petty Officer and my dear friend.
  • Tony was at the Battle of Midway and fought the Japanese air attacks
  • at a 40 mm cannon. He was below decks when the USS Aircraft Carrier, York Town was torpedoed and bombed. He said he stepped out a huge hole in the side to swim in the Pacific Ocean.
  • USN Admiral, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, CIA director (1947-50), NICAP Director. Perhaps MJ-12 member.
  • USN Commander, William R. Anderson, took the US Nuclear Submarine, Nautilus, under the North Pole,
  • 3 August 1958 gaining a place in history! He visited Cape Canaveral, Florida.
  • General Nathan F. Twining, ATIC, WPAFB, Project Sign, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon, was at Roswell, 1947 (UFO / alien(s) Recovery).
  • General Matthew B. Ridgway, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Army. Died, Pittsburgh, PA 1993.
  • Brigadier General USAAF/ USAF Arther E. Exon, Roswell fame, etc.
  • USN Admiral Delmer S. Fahrney, NICAP Director and Pro – UFOs and alien visits to earth.
  • USN Captain Rudolph Burgholtz, Office of Naval Intelligence, NASA KSC and Patrick Air Force Base.
  • Rear Admiral, Herbert B. Knowles, NICAP Advisory Committee, a true believer in UFOs
  • USA Major General, Holger N. Toftoy, Commander, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama, 1958
  • USA Major General, John B. Medaris, Army Ballistic Missile Agency, Explorer 1, etc.
  • USN Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, Chief Naval Operations, Polaris launch, USS Patrick Henry, 1960
  • USN Captain Norman J. “Dusty” Kleiss, SBD, Dive Bomber Pilot, Battle of Midway hit, sunk, two Japanese Carriers, the Kaga and Hiryu, and the cruiser, Mikuma, then returned to USS Enterprise. This battle was the start of Japanese WW II defeat. He received the US Navy Cross for his attacks!
  • Lt. Colonel, Lloyd F. Childers, USMC, US Navy, back seat gunner. Battle of Midway, attacked Jap carrier, Soryu. His plane was hit and crashed. He had wounds in both legs. His carrier, the Yorktown was sunk. He shot down one Jap zero. His pilot landed on the Enterprise.
  • USN Ensign/Pilot, George H. Gay, sole survivor, his torpedo group, US Navy, Battle of Midway, WW II
  • USN Admiral Roderick O. Middleton, Apollo Program Manager, Kennedy Space Center, FL
  • Lt. General John A. Samford, Director of National Security Agency (UFOs)
  • USA General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Commander, Desert Storm, Iraq
  • USAF General Leyton Davis, Cape Canaveral & Patrick AFB, FL
  • USAF General Bernard A. Schriever, Father of the USAF Space Program, Titan, MOL, etc.
  • USAF General / Dr. Jimmy Doolittle, WW II, bombed Tokyo, 1942
  • USAF General Paul Tibbets, bombed Hiroshima, and ended WW II. Autographed a B-29 model
  • USAF Captain Theodore Van Kirk, “Dutch”, navigator, actually dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima.
  • USAF General Curtis LeMay, Vice Presidential Candidate, Air Force Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • USAF Joseph A. Walker, the First US Astronaut in Space flying the X-15 twice above 100 miles high.
  • USA General William Westmoreland, Vietnam War.
  • US Army Air Force Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, WW I fighter ace “Hat in the Ring” squadron.
  • USAF Lt. Col. John A. “Shorty” Powers, the voice of Mercury Control. Coined “A-OK” for Alan Shepard.
  • Major Dewey Fournet, UFO USAF Blue Book. He was a confirmed believer in UFOs.
  • USN Ensign C. Joseph Rosbert, AVG Flying Tiger fighter ace for General Claire Chennault,
  • China-Burma, WW II
  • Robert T. Smith, AVG Flying Tiger fighter ace for General Claire Chennault, China-Burma, WW II
  • USN Aviator and USAF General, David L. (Tex) Hill, AVG Flying Tigers, fighter ace, China-Burma, WW II
  • Major Charles Wilson, P-51 Mustang fighter ace, WW II (Commander of Capt. Thomas Mantell)
  • Major Marion M. Magruder, USMC W II, was at Wright Field, saw a live alien, craft, etc.
  • USN Carl Schoeneberg, ABMA Pershing IRBM launch manager, veteran of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • He personally shot down three Japanese Ki-51 dive bombers and two Zeros over Pearl Harbor.

Pentagon/NASA Astronauts, USSR Cosmonauts (Clark assisted launching into space)

  • Alan Shepard first sub-orbital flight MR-1 and Apollo 14 (first golfer on the moon) Clark also met Mrs. Sheppard
  • Virgil “Gus” Grissom MR-2, GT 3, Gus hung a LEMON on his Apollo 1 Capsule. The “accidental” fire killed him. Clark also met Mrs. Betty Grissom.
  • US Senator John Glenn first US Astronaut in orbit MA 6 and STS- 95 (Shuttle crew) and wife & family.
  • Malcom “Scott” Carpenter MA 7
  • Walter “Wally” Schirra, MA 8, Apollo 7
  • LeRoy “Gordon” Cooper, MA 9, GT 5 (was bumped from Apollo 14 by NASA, UFO believer at UN)
  • Edward White GT 4 first US Space Walk, Apollo 1 disaster killed him on the ground. Knew his wife,
  • Patricia White. She and Clark exchanged many letters after the fire at the Cape. Clark was
  • also in touch with General White, his father, concerning Patricia and her health. Clark had her
  • hand writing secretly analyzed and found indications of her planning a possible suicide. She went on with life and saw Clark for the last time at the Apollo 7 launch at KSC.
  • Roger Chaffee, Apollo 1 disaster killed him on the ground. Knew his wife, Patricia..
  • Donn Eisele, Apollo 7
  • Walter Cunningham, Apollo 7
  • Frank Borman, GT 7 and Apollo 8
  • James Lovell, GT 7, 12, Apollo 8, 13 (A near disaster to and back from the moon)
  • William Anders, Apollo 8
  • James McDivitt, GT 4, Apollo 9
  • David Scott, GT 8, Apollo 9 Apollo 15 (Saw UFOs above moon, then NASA grounded him)
  • Russell Schweikart, Apollo 9
  • Thomas Stafford, GT 6, GT 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo-Soyuz (USA-Russian docking in orbit), his wife, Faye.
  • John Young, GT 3, 10, Apollo 10, Apollo 16, (Lunar Rover Car), STS 1 and 9 (6 missions)
  • Eugene “Gene” Cernan, GT 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo 17 (final moon mission lunar Rover Car)
  • Neil Armstrong, GT 8 and first man on the moon, Apollo 11. Clark met Mrs. Armstrong.
  • Dr. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, GT 12 and second man on the moon Apollo 11
  • Michael Collins, in lunar orbit GT 10 and Apollo 11
  • Charles “Pete” Conrad, GT 5, GT 11, Apollo 12, Skylab 2
  • Alan Bean, Apollo 12, Skylab 3. Clark also knew his wife, Mrs. Sue Bean.
  • Richard Gordon, GT 11, Apollo 12
  • Fred Haise, Apollo 13 (near disaster to and back from the moon)
  • John Sweigert, Apollo 13 (near disaster to and back from the moon)
  • Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14, ESP experiments from moon to earth, believer in UFOs, aliens, etc.
  • Stuart Roosa, Apollo 14
  • James Irwin, Apollo 15 (first use of the Lunar Rover Car, saw UFOs above moon, NASA grounded him)
  • Alfred Worden, Apollo 15 (Saw UFOs while in lunar orbit, then NASA grounded him)
  • Thomas Mattingly, Apollo 16 (Lunar Rover Car), STS 4, STS 51C
  • Charles Duke, Apollo 16 (Lunar Rover Car)
  • Ronald Evans, Apollo 17
  • US Senator Harrison Schmidt, Apollo 17, walked on the moon (civilian geologist)
  • Donald “Deke” Slayton, Apollo-Soyuz (Was grounded from Mercury mission, heart murmur)
  • Vance Brand, Apollo-Soyuz, STS-5, 41B, 35
  • Andriyan Grigoryevich, USSR Cosmonaut, Vistok 2, 3, Soyuz 6,7,8, and 9.
  • Alexei Leonov, USSR Cosmonaut, Apollo-Soyuz, and first human claimed to have walked in space.
  • Valariy Kubasov, USSR Cosmonaut, Apollo-Soyuz.
  • Pavel Popovich, USSR Cosmonaut, Soyuz 4 and 14
  • German Titov, USSR Cosmonaut, Vostok 1 & 2
  • Valentina Tereshkova, USSR first woman and civilian Cosmonaut
  • Vladmir Aleksandrovich, USSR Cosmonaut, Soyuz T-6, T-12, T-13, T16, T-36, Soyuz 26, 27, & 39
  • Vladdimir Grigoriyevich, USSR Cosmonaut, Test Cosmonaut, car accident ended his career.
  • Sergei Vasiliyevich, USSR Cosmonaut, Soyuz T-14, 15, 20, 22, 26, 28 and 29
  • Boris Dmitriyevich, USSR Cosmonaut, Soyuz 16,32, 35, and T-4.
  • Paul Weitz, Skylab 2
  • Joseph Kerwin, Skylab 2
  • Jack Lousma, Skylab 3, STS-3
  • Owen Garriott, Skylab 3
  • Gerald Carr, Skylab 4 (84 days in orbit)
  • William Pogue, Skylab 4
  • Edward Gibson, Skylab 4
  • Joseph “Joe” Engle, X-15, STS 2, 51 I
  • A. Scott Crossfield, X-15 pilot that broke the second, third sound barriers, Mach 2 & 3
  • Don Lind, STS 51B, was with Clark at their NASA lecture at Notre Dame University with the Moon Rock.
  • Ronald Grabe, STS-51-J (Giant observed in crew quarters), STS-30, 42 (Clark was ScO for IML-1), 57
  • Jay Apt, STS 37, 47, 59, 79 Was trained in astronomy at Buhl Planetarium, Pittsburgh, PA taught by
  • Clark McClelland, ScO and amateur Astronomer/Science writer, James Mullaney
  • Dr. Story Musgrave, STS-6, 51F, 33, STS- 44, 61(Hubble ST repair mission), 80
  • Dr. Kathy Sullivan, STS-41-G, 31 (who placed the initial Hubble Space Telescope on orbit), 45
  • Dr. Kathy Thornton, STS-33, 49, 61(repaired Hubble Space Telescope, EVA on orbit), STS-73
  • Mark Brown, STS-28, STS-48 (Two UFO’s observed escaping from USAF Brilliant Peebles attack)
  • John Blaha, STS-33, STS- 29 (UFO seen, comments made), 58, 43, MIR-22 (Russian), STS-79, 81.
  • Guion Bluford, STS-8, 61A, 39, 53
  • Brian Duffy, STS-45, 57, 72, 92 (He Recommended Clark be transferred to KSC Astronauts Dept.)
  • David Leestma, STS-41G, 28, 45 ( ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” , etc.)
  • Francis “Dick” Scobee, NASA Astronaut, STS-51L, Commander of the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger,
  • died January 28, 1986.
  • Michael Smitth, NASA Astronaut, STS-51L, Co-Pilot, Space Shuttle Challenger. He died in the disaster.
  • Ellison Onizuka, STS-51-C (The first DoD mission), STS 51-L He died in Challenger, 1986.
  • He Saw aliens at McClellan Air Force Base.
  • Ronald McNair, NASA Astronaut, STS-51L, Space Shuttle Challenge. He died in the disaster.
  • Gregory Jarvis, NASA Astronaut, STS-51L, Space Shuttle Challenger. He died in the disaster.
  • Dr. Judith Resnik, STS-41-D, STS-51-L My friend, Judy died in the Challenger, 1986 (Clark lectured
  • with her at Carnegie-Mellon University and did two TV shows with her on KDKA TV-2), etc.
  • Christa McAauliffe, NASA Astronaut and first teacher in space. Christa died in the Space Shuttle
  • Challenger explosion, January 28, 1986. Clark was there and watched her and the crew die.
  • Barbara Morgan, NASA Astronaut was the back-up School Teacher for Christa McAuliffe. She waited
  • 21 years to fly into space on the STS-118 following the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, 1986
  • “Barb” and Clark McClelland exchanged several letters immediately after the disaster.
  • Dr. Philip Chapman, Civilian Science Astronaut, Physics, was not assigned to any mission.
  • Dr. Brian T. O’ Leary, Civilian Astronomer Astronaut, resigned from NASA realizing he would never fly.
  • He is an exceptionally intelligent man, dealing with Ecology, Astronomy, etc.
  • NOTE: There are many Space Shuttle Missions with many other astronaut names to add to Clark’s
  • total, including the crews of nine Department of Defense top secret missions (STS-29, 44, 48, 51-J)

German Scientists V-1 and V-2 rockets, Peenemuende, Germany, Poland, USA

  • Dr. Wernher von Braun, space/rocket pioneer, Army Ballistic Missile Agency, Huntsville, AL (Roswell)
  • Freiherr Magnus von Braun, V-2, rocket engineer and brother of Dr. Wernher von Braun
  • Dr. Theodore von Karman, Co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) and Aerojet General
  • Dr. Kurt DeBus, Director Kennedy Space Center, Florida
  • He was the lead scientist for the mysterious Nazi advanced space propulsion system, called the De Glocke or the BELL Project.
  • Sigfried Knemeyer, Top Paper Clip Scientist, assigned to Wright Field, to back-engineer recovered UFOs,
  • USSR orbital debris, Kecksburg hardware, etc. Was involved with Dr. von Braun, Silverbird Project!
  • Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger, age 94, Designer, Empire Mission (Ion Drive rocket engine), 15 person crew to
  • Mars. We spoke 1-6-07 about “old times” at the Cape, ABMA, Dr. von Braun, Ion Engine Mars, etc.
  • Konrad Dannenburg, age 95, V-1, V-2, Saturn V Apollo rocket propulsion expert. Spoke by phone,
  • 2-04-2007. Sent him an Irwin Moon photo 02-05-2007. He sent me a new autographed photo.
  • Dr. Walter Haeussermann, NASA Director, Astrionics Laboratory, MSFC, Huntsville, AL
  • Dieter Grau, V-1, V-2, ABMA rockets and Apollo. Director, Quality Division, MSFC, Huntsville, AL
  • Spoke on phone 02-16-2007.
  • Dr. Georg von Tiesenhausen, V-2, Director of the Advanced Study Group, MFSC, Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Willey Ley, Space Theorist and Writer
  • General Walter Dornberger, German V-1 and V-2, Bomi Bomber missile, USAF Titan II X-20 Dyna-Soar
  • Dr. Hubertus Strughold, Ph D, “Father of Space Medicine”, (and, sadly, the Nazi Auschwitz human experimentor with Dr. Mengele ), early NASA Mercury program at Cape Canaveral, Florida 1960-61
  • Dr. Ernst Steinhoff, Chief Scientist, U.S. Rocket Test Center, White Sands and Holloman A. F. Base.
  • Dr. Adolf Knothe, V-1, V-2, KSC Senior Scientist, UFO and anti-gravity expert, alien life, Aldebaran, etc.
  • Dr. Hans Gruene, Associate KSC Director
  • Karl Sendler, KSC Director of Instrumentation Systems for space flight.
  • Gunther Wendt, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz space capsule close-out engineer at launches.
  • Joe Schmidt, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz space suite and capsule close-out engineer at each launch.
  • Dr. Walther Riedel, V-2, North American Aviation (Shuttle), Director of Civilian Saucer Investigation,
  • Los Angeles California, told Clark there were UFOs over the Peenenmunda area, Aldebaran, etc.
  • Dr. Hans Koelle, Project Horizon Mission, proposed ABMA Lunar Base
  • Dr. Ernst Geissler, Gemini, Apollo LOR expert (Lunar Orbit Rendezvous) (knew of Roswell crash).
  • Dr. Eberhard Rees, second Director of the Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Dr. Krafft Ehricke, designed the Outpost Space Station for four astronauts in 1958.
  • Dr. Theodor Poppel, WW II expert in creating GSE (Ground Support Equipment), V-2 at Cape Canaveral.
  • Dr. Alexander Lippisch, Assigned to US Army Air Force, Wright Field, Ohio (1965 reportedly examined
  • Kecksburg craft at WPAFB) Although he had cancer would soon take his life. Spoke of Sigfried Knemeyer. and his “back engineering” of Kecksburg technology.
  • Dr. Hans Amtmann, Assigned to US Army Air Force, Wright Field, Ohio (1965 reportedly examined Kecksburg craft at Wright Field with von Axster, Lippisch, etc.)
  • Dr. Walter F. von Axster, rocket engineer, was assigned to Wright Field.Worked with Lippisch/Amtmann
  • Dr. Helmut (“Doc”) Heinrich, Parachute expert of soft landing craft on Venus and Mars. (Wright Field)
  • Dr. Rudolph Hermann, Wind Tunnel expert (Wright Field), U of Alabama Aeronautical Research.
  • Dr. H.H. Koelle, Director of Future Projects Office, ABMA, MSFC, Saturn V, etc.
  • Dr. W. R. Miethe, made a visit to Cape Canaveral. He was working at A. V. Roe Aviation, Canada.
  • Dr. Martin Schilling, physicist, V-1, V-2, ABMA Redstone, Jupiter, Explorer 1, etc.
  • Dr. Gerhard Reisig, ABMA, MSFC, expert guidance & control, Saturn V, etc.
  • Dr. Albert Zeiler, Director of Mechanical Systems, KSC
  • Herman F. Beduerftig, Director, Mechanical Systems, ABMA, MSFC, Saturn V, etc.
  • Oscar Holderer, V-1, V-2, US Army Pershing, wind tunnel research ABMA.
  • Walter Jacobi, V-1, V-2, ABMA rocket expert at Huntsville, Alabama
  • Arthur Rudolph, produced the V-2 for Germany. He also worked on the Saturn V Apollo Lunar Program.
  • Dieter Huzel, Electronic Technology, V-2 and Rockwell International, Cape Canaveral, etc.
  • Rudi Beichel, rockret engine expert, V-2 and Titan I Lox/LH 2 rockets.
  • Rudolph F. Hoelker, Chief, Astrodynamics & Guidance, ABMA, MSFC, Saturn V, etc.
  • Heinz W. Kampmeier, Expert in Instrumentation & Communications, ABMA, MSFC, Saturn V, etc.
  • Dr. Werner K. Dahm, Chief of Aerodynamics, Astrophysics, ABMA, MSFC, Saturn V, etc.
  • Hermann Weidner, V-1, V-2, Apollo, Deputy Director, Structures/Mechanics, NASA, Huntsville, AL
  • Dr.Rudolph Bruns, (Probably not among 1946 Paper Clip Scientists)

Explorers, Egyptologists, Ark of the Covenant, Medical Scientists, Sioux Native American Chief, etc.

  • Dr. J. Manson Valentine, (Died 09-02-94) discoverer of the Bimini Wall (Atlantis?) in the Bahamas, Viking
  • influence in Brazil, the Yucatan Loltun Caverns, burial of Kukulkan, Mayan God of Heavens, UFO’s.
  • Chief White Wolf, the Lakota Sioux who made Clark McClelland a Blood Brother in the Lakota Tribe, 1991.
  • Dr. Jonas Salk, discovered, Salk Vaccine, for Polio. He ended that horrible disease. Met Aat the U. of Pittsburgh.
  • John Philip Bessor, Egyptologist, UFOs, artist, theoretical writer / theorist, my friend!
  • Barry S. Roffman, USCG retired, seeker of the Ark of the Covenant, Bible Code expert.
  • Jacques Piccard, inventor Bathyscaphe Trieste, deepest dive 35,800 feet, Marianas Trench, 1960
  • Jacques Mayol, free diving no air supply champion 100 meters deep
  • Dimitri Rebikoff, French Oceanographer, inventor of underwater photographic techniques.
  • Mel Fisher, King of the Conchs, Treasure Salvers, In 1985 discovered the Mother Load of the 1622
  • Spanish Galion, the Atocha and the Santa Margarita off the Florida Keys, $400 million recovered.
  • Kip Wagner, treasure hunter, Real Eight Co., 1715 Spanish Plate Ship Armada, $20 million off Florida

Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators, Congressman, etc.

  • President Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, WW II D-day European invasion of France, met ET’s
  • President, John F. Kennedy, assassinated in Dallas, Texas (Clark met him twice at Cape Canaveral)
  • Senator, Theodore (Ted) Kennedy, and wife, Joan at Apollo 8 launch.
  • President, Lyndon Johnson
  • Vice-President, Hubert Humphrey
  • Presidential Candidate, US Senator, Barry Goldwater (UFO interests and knowledge)
  • President Richard Nixon, first US President to resign from the office. (UFO interests-Homestead AFB).
  • H. R. Haldeman, White House Chief of Staff, Nixon Administriation. Aware of Holloman UFO landing!
  • Vice-President, Spiro T. Agnew
  • Vice President, James Danforth (Dan) Quayle.
  • Senator, Clarence William “Bill” Nelson, Florida, flew with the STS-61-C Space Shuttle mission.
  • US Congressman, Edwin “Barfin Jake” Garn, Utah, flew the STS-51-D Space Shuttle mission. Got sick!
  • Presidential Candidate, George Wallace, 1968.
  • Vice Presidential candidate, General Curtis LeMay, 1968
  • US Congressman, James Fulton, Pennsylvania, Investigated Apollo 1 fire at Cape Canaveral.
  • Senator Edward Gurney, Florida, House Committee, Science and Aeronautics, (UFO interests, Hynek)
  • US Congressman, USN CDR. William R. Anderson, Capt. USS Nautilus, under the North Pole, 1958.
  • US Senator, Strom Thurmond
  • US Congressman, Louis Frey, Florida
  • US Congressman, Olin “Tiger” Teague, Texas (UFO interests, Hynek)
  • US Congressman, George Miller, California (UFO interests, Hynek)
  • US Congressman, Gerald Ford. He later became US President.
  • US Congressman, Edward J. Roush (UFO interests)
  • Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense in Kennedy Administration.

Royalty, Movie Stars, Authors, Radio, TV, Sports Stars, Priest, etc.

  • Prince Philip of the UK
  • King Hussein bin Talal of Jordon
  • Queen Alia Toucan of Jordon (died in a helicopter crash)
  • Father Theodore Hesburg, President of Notre Dame University
  • Jackie Gleason, a genius in humor and music, saw alien bodies, Homestead Air Force Base with Nixon.
  • Frank Edwards, radio personality, KDKA radio, author of many UFO books, etc.
  • Ivan T. Sanderson, author and investigator of UFOs, and strange events on earth with a ONI association
  • John Wayne, legendary movie star. Clark had a moon flag brought back for him.
  • James Stewart movie star and wife
  • Hugh Downs, Today TV Show at the VAB during news cast.
  • William Shatner, Captain Kirk of Star Trek (Clark had him visit KSC, he was very impressed)
  • Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek, Spock (Clark had him visit KSC, he was very impressed)
  • Arthur Godfrey, TV personality. Believed in UFO’s. He saw one, while flying own aircraft in Pennsylvania.
  • Barbara Eden, Beautiful “Genie” on TV
  • Jack Palance, fine actor
  • Johnny Carson, fine actor, comedian, amateur astronomer
  • Kirk Douglas, fine actor
  • Johnny Weismuller, Tarzan of the Apes movies. Lived near Clark in Florida.
  • Perry Como, singer, Famous TV personality
  • Ed Ames, sang with the Ames Brothers (1950’s) and a fine actor.
  • Bobby Vinton, song writer, singer, TV personality
  • Ken Curtis, Gun Smoke, “Festus Hagen”
  • Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts, Charlie Brown and Snoopy
  • Yvette Mimieux, beautiful actress
  • Michael Jackson at Walt Disney World, 1996. He gave Clark two tickets to Captain EO.
  • Madonna
  • Eddy Murphy
  • Arsenio Hall
  • Shaquille O’Neal, NBA Star
  • Wilt Chamberlain, NBA Star
  • Arnold Palmer, Champion Golfer, lived near me in Orlando, FL
  • Tiger Woods, Champion Golfer, lived near me in Orlando, FL
  • Daniel Rooney Sr. Owner of Pittsburgh Steelers five time winners of the NFL Super Bowl.
  • Ralph Kiner (Baseball home run king Pittsburgh Pirates 1940’s)
  • Whoppie Goldberg, movie & TV actress. Sent me an autographed photo. She may have opened my website.

Radio and Television News People. Science, etc.

  • Walter Cronkite, CBS (Sent Clark an autographed photo, “A Space Pioneer & top Space Craft Operator ScO, with admiration for your work”.)
  • Arthur C. Clarke, CBS
  • Charles Collingwood, CBS
  • Dan Rather, CBS
  • Mike Wallace, CBS
  • Eric Sevareid, CBS
  • Mike Douglas, NBC Show
  • John Chancellor, NBC, A.P.
  • Jay Barbree, NBC
  • Roy Neal, NBC
  • Chet Huntley, NBC
  • David Brinkley, NBC
  • Frank McGee, NBC
  • Bob Abernathy, NBC
  • Tom Brokaw, NBC
  • Howard Benedict, Associated Press
  • Carl Sagan, Cosmos TV Series
  • Jack King, NASA Public Affairs/voice of Apollo missions
  • Albert M. Chop, NASA PIO, UFO believer, NICAP, etc.
  • John A. (Shorty) Powers, USAF, voice of Mercury Control

Contacts through Correspondence

  • Manly P. Hall, President-Founder of the Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles, CA
  • Dr. Alexander Kazantsev, Russian Science Study, Tunguska Explosion, 1908 (He said it was an Alien nuclear propelled craft that had exploded!)
  • Leni Riefenstahl, famous actress, film maker for Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler, WW II, 1902-2003
  • Manfred Rommel, son of famed Nazi Field Marshall, the “Desert Fox”, General Erwin Rommel, WW II
  • Arthur C. Clarke, Famous inventor, writer and futurist exchanged emails with Clark.
  • President Bill Clinton exchanged a letter with Clark regarding Native American Indian Rights.
  • President Ronald W. Reagan sent Clark an autographed photo.
  • President James E. Carter and First Lady, Roselyn Carter, each sent Clark an autographed photo.


*All those below opened my Stargate Chronicles website on the Internet.

*Several sent an autographed photo to Clark with comments (see below)

*Many US Astronauts.
*Many NASA administrators.
*Many military personnel.
Many US Federal Agencies.
Many foreign governments.

  • *Dr. Edward Teller, Scientist and creator of the Hydrogen Bomb. Sent an autographed photo.
  • *Julie Christy, Academy award actress in 1965, film Dr. Zhivago
  • *Rebecca DeMornay, beautiful Actress signed it “Love, Rebecca”.
  • *Alec Baldwin, accomplished Actor.
  • *George Carlin, actor/comedian. He made a drawing of an alien on the photo, thanking Clark.
  • *Kevin Bacon, Actor, excellent film: Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks, Hollow Man, etc.
  • *Jim Carrey, Actor/comedian.
  • *Matthew McConaughey, Actor, was in the alien film, Contact, (authored by Dr. Carl Sagan), Jodie Foster.
  • *Charlie Sheen, Actor, film: The Arrival, about imbedded aliens in our governments.
  • *Christian Slater, Actor, film: Star Trek IV, The Undiscovered Country.

5 Responses to People I have met

  1. RB says:

    Just want to really see what Jackie Gleason saw via Nixon.

  2. Donald Ramsey says:

    Hi Mr. McClelvand.
    I just wanted to share with you that J. Manson Valentine, of Miami Florida,
    was my neighbor whom I knew since childhood. He and his beautiful and kind wife Anne
    lived directly across the street from me at their former home, 1260 SW 1st Street.
    I used to do yardwork for him and Mrs. Valentine, just to earn a few extra dollars. Manson
    and Anne were lovely, sweet people. They were well-educated and cultured, socialites, and he was
    a professor at U of Miami. I knew that Manson had co-authored THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE with Mr. Berlitz, and asked him what was really, in his view, causing all that disruption out there in the triangle. He was pulling weeds next to me. When I asked him that, he sat bolt upright and said, Dale, I’ll tell you exactly what’s out there, it is UFOs out there. I was stunned. This was a bright, very-well educated, socially respected man telling me this. I pressed him just a bit: had you ever seen one? He replied, Not one, Dale, but many. Depending on when you go, you’ll see them flying out of the water and disappearing into the air at lightning speed. You’ll see them descending into the water. He gave me several descriptions of this. I knew this man ever since I was a child, my grandma was friends with them personally too, and I knew that he was being straight-up and above board with me. I even asked Mrs. Valentine about it later, and she assured me (even though I already knew) that Manson knew exactly what he was talking about and that this was all true and factual. Mrs. Valentine was no teller of tall tales either. This was a lovely, cultured and refined woman. The Valentines were good, intelligent people, NOT cranks.
    Oddly, one night in 1978, when they were not home, I witnessed, to my shock (and I felt, defilement) a UFO “show” right in my front yard, across the street from their home, which lasted for over an hour and a half, and was witnessed by me, my parents and sister, and grandmother. I remember, as it was going on, running across the street to the Valentines to get Mr. Valentine to come outside and watch this amazing display, but they were not home that evening.
    My story is posted on MUFON’s website dated, I believe, for June 30, 1978. But I knew the Valentines.
    I can assure you, Mr. McClelland, that whatever Mr. Valentine may have shared with you about UFO activity around Florida, was honest and as accurate as Mr. Valentine was capable of being. This man was true blue and you could take his word as gospel, not to mention the fact that they were lovely and respectable neighbors, too. (and boy was he EVER tall !!! ).
    Most kind regards,
    Donald Ramsey, Miami Florida USA. May 29, 2012

  3. Donald Ramsey says:

    Also, Mr. McClelland, you might have known my late Uncle. He worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center for DECADES. He was Colonel Frank C. Drury, a World War 2 Ace and veteran. He and his wife, my beloved Aunt Mildred, have both now passed away.

  4. I am the former Kentucky State Director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). Thank you for your courage in speaking about ET’s and related issue. It is a shame the government took away your pension to try to silence you.

  5. Frank J Toomes says:

    Hello Clark,
    I am listening to the very beginning of your interview with Kerry Cassidy.
    I have never heard of you before today.
    I also am dependent on my social security…less than what you get.
    I am contacting you to offer you some help in the form of advice and hands on approach.
    I have learned how to live on my ss….and get by pretty well.
    I live in Costa Rica and I can tell you if you are interested, how to get there and then help you find a place and set you up with a way of life where you may be able to improve its quality.
    May be able to get you in a rental in an area where you can get any needs met for say
    $300 -$400 a month….I am paying $275.

    If interested you can contact me at….

    My name is Frank J Toomes…

    Good luck in any case and thank you.
    I tried contacting you thru your website “contact” link but is has gone dark.

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